Car and truck renters today are frequently asking themselves the question “Can I deduct rental car costs on my income tax?” The reason for this is that legislation is going crazy in the implementation of taxes on car & truck rentals. This has made the car rental companies most unhappy to say the least.

There is a group that has been formed, it is called the Coalition against Discriminatory Car Rental Excise Taxes. In over 80% of the states in the USA there are more than one hundred different types of taxes relating to car and truck rental. Way back in the 1990’s there was a only a tenth of such taxes.

In Maine, the inhabitants there were able to for a while prevent an increase of 10-12.5 % increase in the taxes when renting a car or truck. This suited all parties associated with car rental, obviously not the law makers as they did not receive their taxes.

Taxes can be as high as twenty percent imposed on rentals. Large corporations are paying amounts close to $5 million annually in car rental taxes.

These car rental taxes are legislated so that cities can meet their budgets. There is widening hole in the budget and deficit forces theses taxes to be imposed. Whilst this is understandable it does not make sales for car rental companies any easier. They do not want to perceived as in the tax collection business and the increased prices due to the tax has reduced sales. The Coalition against Discriminatory Car Rental Excise Taxes was formed three years ago and consists of eight car rental groups and the National Business Travel Association. Apart from fighting against legislation on taxes they also educate consumers on the taxes.

5% tax is what you will pay when you hire a car in New Jersey. This very tough as they are already paying five dollars daily in various types of taxes.

Wisconsin charge more than three times their New Jersey counterparts. They have a mass transit project that needs funding and this is the reason for the exorbitant taxes.

It is reported by the coalition that the they want to increase tax by two and a half dollars in Michigan. The taxing just seems to go on and on.

Rail projects need funding in the state of Florida. They are trying to increase taxes there by two dollars and this would increase the current tax levied by a whopping fifty percent!

It is generally accepted by people outside of the coalition and consumers that the taxes are needed for all the various projects. The coalition fiercely fights against the taxes.

Like the rest of the world the USA has been devastated by the world recession. The state of the economy in the USA is in tatters and this is the main reason for all these taxes.

Sometimes money is allocated to a certain project and when the project is completed that money is no longer available for the project. It all of a sudden gets allocated elsewhere. No wonder consumers ask ” can I deduct car rental costs on my income tax?

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