Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers age 14-19? It\’s a frightening statistic and trend that is only getting worse. To keep our teenage sons and daughters safe, it is critical that they learn a safe, defensive driving skill set and mentality before they get behind the wheel of the car. If you like working with teenagers, maybe you\’re the right person to teach them.

To become a driving instructor in America, you\’re probably wondering if you need a college degree. Luckily for you, no advanced schooling is required to get certified. While requirements differ from state to state, and differ depending on what class of license the driving instructor is teaching, a high school diploma is typically enough. Most states will also allow an equivalent degree, like a GED, to be proof enough of an applicant\’s education. No grades, report cards, or test scores are required, so you won\’t need to worry about that.

Despite not needing a college degree, you will need to go through a state approved driving instructor training course in order to be certified and licensed as a person who can teach driving. The curriculum for this course changes state by state, but includes both a refresher of driving laws as well as tactics to teach students. The training is set by the DMV of each state. The course includes both in classroom time, sample teaching time and driving time with a licensed training professional. Training typically takes 60-100 hours to complete. Many schools will offer training to applicants, but if you are already certified you may stand out from the pack. If you have been certified in a state different than the state you want to teach in, you may need to go through training again. It all depends on the school. Some states will require that you get trained from a local university rather than from a driving school. Check with your state DMV for more details.

Many local community colleges offer several courses that can increase the likelihood of getting hired from a drivers ed schools. Any background in maintaining cars is a great addition to the resume, because maintaining the driving instructor automobiles will be part of the job. Because most driving instructors in America are hired to teach teenagers age 14-17 how to drive a car, having teaching, coaching, or counseling certifications can also help differentiate you from others who apply for the job. Many of these types of certifications are available with minimal schooling or classroom time. Although you do have a lot of options, it is understandable if you are still a little confused about what you\’re supposed to do. There is no right answer and know that in most cases, any education is good education, especially if you are able to learn more about your field of work and potentially become a better driving instructor as a result. It\’s always a good idea to reach out to someone working in the field if you have any questions. They were once in your position and will be able to help steer you towards any additional education that may be helpful.

In conclusion, while you need not have gone to college, you will need to go to driving instructor training in order to get hired by a drivers education company.

When you\’re ready to teach driving head to the \”U\” so you can begin driving instructor training today!