AUDI is one of the largest car manufacturing companies. It was founded on 6th July 1909.It is a German based company found by MR. August Horch .THE NEW Audi also had some considerable profit gaining subsidiaries which included Quattro Gmbh, Lamborghini S.p.A. Audi had been a subsidiary of Volkswagen which happens to be the largest car manufacturer since 1964 .

Volkswagen owes 99.6% of the company shares. The company’s head quarters is situated in Zwickau, Germany.

The Headquarters of Audi is situated in “Ingolstadt” in Germany. The company has five locations in all, other than Germany they are situated in Belgium, china and India. In India it is situated in Aurangabad. It provides its products globally.

The current chairman Rupert Staler had been a successfully running the company with enormous profits. Audi gained a profit of 1.347 billion euro in 2009 which is more than any other subsidiary of Volkswagen. Audi has started producing galvanized cars to avoid any type of damage due to corrosion.

It was the first to introduce this particular technique. Along with major precautionary measures, the full zinc coating has proved to be very useful in preventing rust.

Even the manufacturers did not expect that long durability. This inspired them to extend its original 10-year warranty against corrosion resistance to currently 12 years. THE NEW AUDI A4 was designed to be a high speed car which was also introduced in racing and had left a nice impact on the racing course.

The NEW AUDI A4 which was introduce in 1995 had a transmission of 5 and 6 speed automatic and an 6 speed manual transmission. It has a wheel base of 108.1inch. Its length is 171.7inche, width is 1755mm and height is 1263mm. It is highly adorable considering its torque and smoothness.

The new Audi A4 is one of the vehicles that are hard to find due to its low production. This model of AUDI is scarce and mostly no one sells them as second hand A4. To find it through a used cars A4 Dealer is a big luck as this is one of the car which has low production.

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