When the American Motors Corporation released the Gremlin in April of 1970 it was a big deal! Not only was this car economical, it is credited by some as the first domestic sub-compact vehicle. The AMC Gremlin was manufactured six months ahead of its Ford and Chevy sub-compact competitors. America was in need of a smaller mode of transportation, and the Gremlin was a best-selling answer to that demand.

Considered a good buy for the price, this is a distinctive car. Its long body and Kamm-back, which juts off sharply, became its signature characteristic. It also provided better fuel economy than the larger and more powerful choices out at the time. It was a low cost option that still offered high-quality performance.

The company also found a way to save some manufacturing costs. By using the platform from an existing car, the Hornet, they were able to make this model plus two others just by changing the length. The Gremlin was no longer made after 1978. But its body style stayed alive with the Spirit and Eagle through 1983.

The Gremlin was made in a 2 passenger model for the first few years. But the 4 passenger hatchback was what the company produced the longest. It featured a roomy front seat and smaller back seat. Folding the rear seats could triple the luggage space. The car evolved over the years to increase safety and add to its outward looks and inward comfort.

Its age and lack of availability now make this vehicle an interesting item to collect. The most popular models wanted are the ones produced with a larger V-8 engine and an “X-package”, which includes extras such as side stripes and bucket seats. Since parts are scant now, particularly for the interior, it makes restoring this car a difficult task. But there are some die hard followers that will try.

The AMC Gremlin was an important part of American vehicle history. It went up against several foreign imports boasting a more petite way to get around. It was a family car, and a good first for someone just learning to drive. Many will look back and think fondly about this slightly odd looking and strangely named automobile.

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