I have always been a big fan of the Star Trek Series. I like the idea of Traveling to unknown places meeting new people. Having great adventures and hooking up with lots of Chicks! Sounds like a familiar lifestyle huh?

I remember reading one of the Star Trek novels years ago. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise were sent to see if they could end a war that had been going on for hundred years between two planets. Star fleet told Kirk and Crew, if these two planets did not stop fighting, within ten years both planets would destroy themselves. This is kind of how I remember the story.

As the Enterprise crew studied the two planets it seemed they had nothing in common at all. The races looked nothing alike, their religions were far apart, and their economy and Government structure were completely different. The Crew searched and searched but it seemed they could find no common ground between the two planets in all their files.

When Kirk reached the planets, he held a meeting onboard the Enterprise. Delegates from both worlds attended the meeting. After only a few minutes, the Delegate’s from the two planets where arguing fiercely and Kirk had to call an end the meeting.

While the Enterprises Crew kept looking for something in common between these two Worlds, Kirk set up two private meetings with the leaders of the two planets. While having dinner with the first planets leader, Kirk found him to be very smart and personable. He enjoyed his company. He then set up a meeting for Lunch with the Leaders of the Second Planet. Again He found this race to be very intelligent and easy to get along with.

Kirk could not understand how these two different planets, which were both so smart and friendly, could not get along. There had to be a way to get them to just start talking to each other. Kirk set up another meeting for the next day between these two worlds to try once more to try to get them to talk with each other.

Kirk spent all night pacing and thinking. “There has to be something they have in common”, he thought. As the meeting was only a few hours away, Kirk sat down to rest. As Kirk was relaxing he thought, “I haven’t eaten in hours I’m starved”. He started thinking of the meals he had with the two alien races. He had enjoyed both meals. The main dishes had both reminded him of corn and having grown up in Iowa, corn was something Kirk knew. Corn? Wait Kirk thought, calling one of his Ensigns and telling him to get him the Menus from both meals. After reviewing the meals and the ingredients, he soon realized that the same corn like plant grew on both planets.

With only a short time left, Kirk ordered dishes made from both planets that included the plant. When the Leaders and delegates from both worlds arrived, they were told please no talking, they would all eat first. Both groups enjoyed the meal. When the leader of one of the planets asked Kirk about one of the dishes made from the corn like plant, Kirk told him he would have to ask the Leader of the second planet as it was one of their dishes. As one of the leaders of the Second planet explained how it was made, other members of the groups started talking about how they grew the plants and recipes that had been handed down in their families over the years.

This was the common ground Kirk had been looking for. Within a few hours, the planets had agreed to a cease fire and by the end of the week the planets had stopped fighting and declared peace. It took many years for some to get over their hatred of each other and things did not go completely smooth. Within 5 years the planets had started trading with each other and both worlds grew Stronger. 20 years after the truce both planets where invaded by a far off race, but because both planets had put aside their differences and collaborated in many different areas, including defense, they were able to fight off the invaders.

If Captain Kirk were a Biker and a member of a group like NCOMC and he was sitting down with the leaders of all the Major Motorcycle Clubs in the world, how long would it take him to find a common ground between the groups? I wonder if he could get them to talk and realize it was in their best interest to get along, to work together.

Motorcycle Clubs already have an invading force looking to take them down. Will the groups keep fighting each other, making themselves weaker as this force works to end them all forever or will a Captain Kirk arise to Unite them?

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