The norm for luxury car rental rates is that they are far higher than for budget car rentals or standard car rentals. It is understandable that the rates will be higher as these are top of the range cars. The fact that the rates are so much higher is why people often are wary to use luxury rental cars. Yet, there are various ways of getting cheap luxury car rental deals and package deals if you know where to look. The rental car business is highly competitive and to stay on top of their game they find ways to draw in customers and to reward loyal customers.

Different Options

Many rental car companies offer regular customers with a good track record discounts to encourage them to make use of their services. This is good business sense as the clients get cheap luxury car rental and the car rental company gets return customers. Large corporations that have regular business conferences and visiting dignitaries need luxury rental cars regularly. Rental companies will offer corporate clients special cheap luxury car rental deals. They know that the corporations will book a large number of cars on a regular basis. It is cost effective for the rental company to reward regular corporate clients in this manner. Another way to get cheap luxury car rental deals is to do car rentals when the car rental company has promotional offers. These offers come along quite regularly when rental car companies want to give their businesses brand awareness.

Vacation packages are another huge source of income for rental car companies. That is why they enter into contracts with hotels and airlines as all these businesses benefit from vacation package deals. When someone takes a vacation package deal, often they get a cheap luxury car rental option as part of the vacation package. Corporate business travelers who use flights extensively can opt into a frequent flyer program. They can either build up points or miles.

If they build up points they can use these points at participating car rental companies and get cheap luxury car rental deals. Cheap luxury car rental rates are also available during off peak season times. Car rental companies are willing to negotiate much more flexible rates during the slow off season periods than during peak seasons. During peak season there is a shortage of luxury cars for rental so they can push up their rates. Off season means that if they do not offer cheap luxury car rental deals they will have vehicles standing idle. So with planning it is possible to get luxury car rentals at cheaper prices.

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