Christened the AER, the motorcycle features an asymmetrical chassiswhich takes care of maintenance and service in the pit lane. Themotorcycle is propelled four electric engines that collectively generate a whooping 143.5KW of raw power. The “framerings” enclose the package of the motors and the batteries by assembling them to an engine block. Beyond that, the rims and otherhighly stressed components require to influence the bikes handling in apositive way. The tires, wheel flashings, and the rims are combined to a self-contained system. The rims are laid out to fit the needs of asensitive tire temperature management. The engine/generator system weighs about 4.5kg which isinsignificant in comparison to a typical braking system.

AER Electric Concept Motorcycle - 01

AER Electric Concept Motorcycle - 02

AER Electric Concept Motorcycle - 03