Recently, metal storage buildings have been growing in popularity. The average homeowner can find many uses for them, such as freeing up room in the garage for their autos. Typically, such sheds are used to provide secure storage for garden tools, mowers, and camping equipment.

Most of the backyard sheds are small or medium sized units used either for additional storage or to create a work shop. However, you can also find metal buildings large enough to store a plane, boat, or recreational vehicle. You can even find models the size of a barn if you need that much space.

Many kits are available that allow the homeowner to assemble his building on site. The backyard models can typically be constructed by two people in one day. This time does not include leveling the ground or pouring concrete for a foundation.

High wind can make it extremely difficult to assemble the unit, so pick a calm day. Placing the building on a concrete slab is best, but some type of floor is recommended. You can construct a wooden floor or purchase a floor kit from the dealer who supplied your building. At the very least, remove debris, level the area, and pack the dirt down as much as possible.

Well drained, firm, level ground is needed for successful construction in future steel buildings. You will find it challenging if not impossible to properly fit all of the components together otherwise. The most common problems with this scenario involve roofs that cannot be placed into position or walls that are crooked. Even if, somehow, you manage to get the building assembled, the doors will usually not work properly.

As you are putting the building together, you should pause frequently to check your work. It is critical that the walls are not allowed to get out of square, since this will cause problems. You will not be able to attach the roof if the rest of the structure is not in alignment. You should also be sure to keep everything level as you work, and make any adjustments needed as you go. Unless otherwise stated in the instructions included with the kit, do not anchor the building until it is completely constructed.

Your kit for future steel buildings should have detailed instructions. Read them through carefully before you start. Find the tools you will need and make sure they are functioning correctly, such as charging your battery powered screwdriver. Locate all of the parts shown on the parts list and do not start if your kit is missing any. Get the retailer or manufacturer to replace them first.

Be sure that you use the weather stripping supplied with your kit. Double check to make sure that it is adhering properly. If the weather stripping fails, your building may leak. In addition to damaging the contents of the shed, water can eventually lead to corrosion of the shed itself.

If you plan to use the shed to store heavy gardening equipment, you might wish to consider installing a ramp at the door. This will let you roll the lawn mower, tiller, or edger in an out without having to lift it over the threshold. If your building does not have electricity, you can also install a solar panel of sufficient size to power a light if you desire.

You will need to maintain your new shed to keep it in prime condition. Use a little silicone spray to lubricate the doors once or twice a year. Do not allow leaves or snow to accumulate on the roof. Check for scratches or dents periodically. If you find scratches, clean the area and touch them up with paint to prevent rust. Watch for loose screws or bolts and tighten them immediately.

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