by Linda Jenkins

The Britax Boulevard Click and Safe car seat is more than just a child safety seat for your children while you are traveling ” its also a parent safety device… One of the biggest problems with other types of car seats is parents not tightening the harness straps around their children properly.

The harness needs to fit the child exactly, and not be to tight or too loose. This way your seat will protect your child in the best way possible. Your child will also be most comfortable this way and not try (and succeed) to put their arms out of the harness.

With the Britax Boulevard Click and Safe system you just pull the harness straps until it clicks twice. When you hear the clicks you know that the seat is adjusted correctly and that it will give your child will be as safe and comfortable as possible. This is made even easier by the fact that the straps are tangle free.

The Britax Boulevard Click and Safe car seat can be used as rear-facing or forward-facing. If your child is less than 35 lbs, he should be rear-facing. If your child is between 35 and 65 they can face forward. When you consider this car seat keep in mind that it will last you longer than other car seats that can only used for one stage.

This excellent car seat also offers side impact protection that becomes an important safety feature to any parent. The side impact wings are raised far enough around your child to form a level of protection that also provides cushioned head support in case your child likes to sleep as you drive. Britax Boulevard CS also comes with a 5 point harness and an adjustable head rest that can be moved to better fit your children’s resting positions as they grow.

The plush cover of the Britax Boulevard Click and Safe is very soft and padded to give your child maximum comfort. There are many colors and designs such as the Cowmooflage and Lauren so that each parent can get the car seat the suits their taste the most.

The HUGS system (Harness Ultra Guard System) consists of pads that provides cushioning for the neck and chest so that if there is an accident the head’s forward movement is reduced. This means that your child’s head, neck and check have maximum protection. The HUGS system also makes sure that the harness doesn’t hurt the neck in case there is an accident.

Along with being easy to install, the Britax Boulevard CS’s outstanding safety features and maximum comfort options means your child is safe and secure while also being able to enjoy traveling with you in comfort. Britax has a long-standing reputation for exceptional safety features in all of its products, so you know youre buying a great quality product that will ensure your child’s safety when you buy a Britax Boulevard CS.

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