by Michael Skatoli

Cleaner and cheaper motoring is the way of the future. There are quite a few alternatives on the alternative fuels market these days, but one of the most popular is to fuel your car using compressed natural gas and a CNG conversion kit.

CNG stands for compressed natural gas. Natural gas cars are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional modes of transport. There are well above seven million cars globally now that are run by natural gas using CNG conversion kits.

A CNG conversion kit allows you to change your vehicle so that it runs on natural gas instead of conventional gasoline. Not only will this let you save cash on gas expenses, it lowers emissions, so it also helps to save the planet.

In many countries worldwide, and especially in Asia Pacific and South America, vehicle makers are offering their cars with Compressed natural gas conversion kits already installed.

In the United States, most natural gas cars running on our highways have been modified by conversion centers. Cars can either be changed to run on compressed natural gas alone, or otherwise use CNG in addition to standard fuel.

If you make the decision to install a compressed natural gas conversion kit in your car, it is feasible that you could do the task by yourself if you have experience with mechanics and vehicle maintenance. It is a in depth procedure, but people have been known to complete the job on their own.

The usual option is to find a good auto mechanic to install one for you. It does not need to cost an arm and a leg and you can be sure in the knowledge that it will be a job well done.

When it comes to natural gas conversion kits, there are a few issues that you should be aware of. First you will need to ensure that there is a CNG fueling station in your local area. This information should be easily found on the web.

However, even if there are no CNG refueling points near your home, you do have other choices. One such choice is a residential refueling rig. If you have natural gas in your home, this machine can compress a full tank of fuel in a couple of hours so you can attach it to your car before you go to bed and have a full tank of fuel in the morning. Alternatively, you could purchase a natural gas compressor.

CNG kits can be a wise but that can save a lot of expense, and the world, in the long run. That said, there is a fairly hefty initial cost at the beginning. At the bottom end, CNG kits are quite affordable at something in the region of a thousand dollars. However, many CNG conversion kits can cost substantially more than that, and you also have to consider the cost of installation.

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