In your life, your means of transportation is very significant. An individual car is a prominence symbol as well as a relaxing ride. An extensive series of cars have been presented by The Lexus Marque of Toyota Corporation. In the midst of these Lexus IS 250c is an eye-catching arrangement of the IS series. It is a car equipped with numerous extraordinary characteristics. These complete characteristics coalesce to give a deluxe, secure and relaxing ride towards the objective.

Lexus IS 250c is a striking summer car. It beautifully combines the features of the IS saloon range to the open top engineering skill. It is a fully ventilated car for summers. The efficient air conditioner works to refresh, and cool the air. Moreover, the roof window, or the open roof is an excellent ventilator. This beautiful blend results in top-down driving pleasure with the uncompromised dynamic performance.

The button on the dashboard activates the folding system. It also has a unique roof brake system. It mediates the slow closing action, as the hard top approaches the top edge of the windscreen. Unlike all other systems, where the speed increases near the point of closure, it provides a smooth descend.

The car has a lightweight roof structure. This can be easily opened, and closed within twenty seconds. Thus, it presents the fastest time for any three-part folding roof system on the market. It has been engineered to achieve an excellent aerodynamics, and tensional rigidity. It is well styled to minimise the wind turbulence when you are driving with the open roof.

The external as well as internal design is spectacular. It offers a low profile front sport seats. They can be heated and ventilated. They also acquire a curved mount with the seat belt. The supplementary ventilators for summer and heaters for the winter supply an additional soothe for the duration of the top-down driving. It has two full-sized back seats. They are unconnected by a middle console with incorporated cup holders. The spacious well-made car provides an abundant legroom for the people residing at the front and the back seats.

For top down motoring, it has a properly configured climate control system. In order to increase the air flow in the roof down mode, it has an additional speed sensitive control. The car is also equipped with an efficient LCD touch screen for the audio and navigation system. Along with the audio and video streaming function, it also has bluetooth mobile phone connectivity.

It is marvellously intended to give a breathtaking driving familiarity. It has an electronic power steering that benefits from the bespoke gear ratio for the utmost management and steadiness. It possesses elevated capability rubber mounts that decrease the vibrations, and make the journey less uneven and soft.

It provides outstanding safety measures in both coupe, and convertible formation as far as the safekeeping is concerned. It has a side air bag in its interior. This bag provides skull safety in the occurrence of side crash. Furthermore, its body is also equipped with the additional power captivating side collision for front and rear seat occupants. Consequently, the Lexus IS 250c is an astounding summer production.

For more information about the Lexus IS 250c range, visit the Lexus website.