by Ferdinand Emy

Traxx RC cars are largely considered to be among the optimal in the industry. This is because Traxx RC cars are known for the numerous features that are included in such a little package also as for the capabilities that they are able to accomplish.

The history of Traxx RC cars goes back to 1986 when the first completely assembled but scaled down version of a hobby car was something that enthusiasts dreamed of but had not yet been able to procure. Today ready to run cars are a given in the industry, but at the time it was a relatively novel concept. Traxx coined the phrase and then went on to become pioneers in an industry that is wildly popular today.

In the initially this was not the case. Enthusiasts who had become content with building their own cars took some time before they were convinced of the strength and durability of ready to run RC cars. The ruggedness of ready to run Traxx RC cars was just what it took for Aficionados to realize that RTR RC cars were just as capable and durable as custom built cars. Prior to long Traxx RC cars began to build upon those first cars and a number of innovations in the industry was the result, including the nitro cars that are so known today.

Over the years Traxx RC cars have become associated with the introduction of new technology. The early Traxx RC cars became well known for their drive line, ease of handling and suspension as a direct result of the latest technology being employed.

The first Traxx nitro RC cars were announced in the early 1990s. The Nitro Hawk immediately became a smash hit with enthusiasts. Since that time Traxx has become well known for introducing cars with more power and more features than any other RC car on the marketplace . This included the use of composite fiber, the same technology that is used in the aerospace industry as well the actual automobile industry.

As a result, it is little wonder that so numerous hobbyists today select Traxx RC cars. These little cars have all the power that’s needed to handle practically any track where you might wish to trace your car. The extreme-tech materials used to produce Traxx RC cars is second to none, resulting in a car that anyone would be proud to own and race.

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