If you live in or near the city of Grantsville, Utah, you may have found your best one stop auto repair in Five Star Auto. Owner David Garn works hard to provide top quality service for his customers.

Finding skilled technicians is what most car owners want. But it can be difficult to find people who are experienced in diagnosing problems in cars beyond the usual parts repair route.

What make this auto repair shop better than others? Part of it is the focus on figuring out what the car problem is and fixing it quickly. Another reason is that the owner and employees are not only friendly, but they are educated and have the experience to get the job done right the first time. Do not expect them to just take out the old part and put in a new one, because that is just not their style.

There are times when you just want to take a step back in time, to have customer service like it used to be. You may have come from a small town and remember how people could be trusted to do honest work because they promised they would do it. That is the kind of place that this Five Star Auto is.

Garn and his employees are able to fix all sorts of car problems. Nothing is too small or too big. They pretty much tackle just about anything, except auto body repair. If you need that, they will most likely recommend somewhere to have that done. But everything else is fair game.

Many customers come in to have work done on their brakes, exhaust, clutches and transmission, starters or alternators. Some come in to have a tune up. Others have their air conditioning updated, and some have major work done on their shocks and struts. When full service auto repair is needed, it is provided. Their troubleshooting and diagnostics are top notch.

With so many auto repair shops using the name of Five Star Auto, it may be difficult at first to find this shop in Grantsville. The best way to get directions to it is to do an internet search for the city, state, and the correct zip code 84029. This way, a map and street address are shown.

It is not easy to learn about the better auto technicians available. Many auto repair shops depend on word of mouth and the excellent reputations of their employees to do the talking for them. Once a great repair place is found, then the word travels pretty quickly.

The thing you really want is to have your auto fixed right on your first visit. Nobody wants to bring an auto back and forth to the shop while the technician tries to figure it out. Repair shops that get it right generally are the ones who have the repeat business. Doing it right is the goal of this shop.

For old time friendliness, honesty, and customer service, you may consider Five Star Auto in Grantsville as a good choice. The owner and employees have the education and experience to fix your car well. You might just give them a try next time you need great service.

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