Everyone has to have something to entertain them, and keep them occupied, and people who collect things are often misunderstood in their quest for hobbies. It does not matter what it is that they collect, it is the fact that they are keeping them safe for posterity. Those are the people who collect things like toys and cars. Some of them actually make money with this effort, unlike people who collect twist ties in a kitchen drawer.

Collectors have existed since the beginning of human time, it started in those caves where archaeologists keep finding assorted piles of bones. Those bones were also used as tools, but they resulted as a collection of what was left over from dinner. Then there were the personal effects that have been found buried with early humans. They must have been some form of collecting.

As soon as something gets invented there is someone there to start collecting them. They invented coins and sure enough, there are now coin collectors. Misers probably thought that was a good idea, because the coins never left the coffer. Especially when you consider with enough time, everything ends up being worth more than it originally cost. So, of course, it is reputable to collect different things.

There are people who collect model cars, even collect the ones they build themselves. Model cars have been around since the invention of the automobile, and surely that makes them something that is collect-worthy. After all, how can a person put a full sized car on the table top in their home, without destroying the house to do so.

When you consider there are museums all over the world that collect full sized cars, it seems collecting things are not just something a single person would do. One of every kind of car is stored for viewing by future generations to see what it was like before personal space ships. That means real cars have to be collected, too.

Another type of vehicle that is made of metal, and makes a great collectors item are the die cast cars. These appeal to the collector senses, like the bigger size that is suitable for being a good outdoor toy where there is plenty of sand or dirt to play imaginary grownup, to the miniatures that look so cute on the shelf.

That brings something else to mind that is a good collectible. There used to be a toy set that came with a car, sometimes a wrecker, and a service station. Oil crisis were the end of full service gasoline stations, but somehow it seems like a good idea that such a memory be retained by a collection. Gone are the days of a station attendant filling up you car and checking the oil, water and airing up the tires.

Hobbies will be continue to be around for the rest of time, and collecting will be right there along with them. Keepsakes, toys, paperclips and any item ever created will spark someone into starting a collection. It is actually therapeutic to engage in collecting. It calms the nerves and eases away the stress while building a physical reference for people in the future to see and hold the past.

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