by Danny Green

Lets define a Hybrid car first; a hybrid car is the one that is fuel efficient and environment friendly. In Hybrid cars, there is a combination of two kinds of energy components for operation. One is fuel i.e. petrol and the other is electricity. This combination makes it hyperactive low emission, quiet as well as economical.

The fact that it protects the environment is its major characteristic, since hybrid cars have very low emissions, they do not have a negative impact on the environment as compared to other non-hybrid cars. The maintenance cost is less, and hybrid cars usually bring in good prices when re-sold. These attributes make the hybrid car a perfect item to purchase.

Hybrid cars are attainable in two sorts of functions: Parallel and Series. The petrol and electric motor of the car can power the transmission simultaneously in the parallel hybrid. As for the hybrid series, the petrol engine does not directly power the transmission. A generator that charges the batteries or the electric motor, which power the transmission, is used in this case instead.

Two types of hybrid cars are present: Full hybrid and Assist hybrids. The Full hybrid cars have the option of running on the engine alone or running on the batteries, or even both. On the other hand, the assist hybrids only have a small gasoline engine supplying the main power.

Some very effective features have been introduced in a hybrid car that helps this car perform better along with making it fuel-efficient, as these days, the fuel costs are very high so hybrid cars can be very valuable. These hybrid cars could be comparatively expensive as compared to the non-hybrid cars, but eventually they justify their additional cost by saving fuel as well as environment.

When compared to non-hybrid cars, hybrid cars can give you three times more the mileage. While normal vehicles drive twenty to twenty five miles a gallon, hybrid cars can drive up to sixty miles per gallon. Some standard driving and handling rules for a hybrid car can definitely help you save even more on fuel. For example, smooth acceleration is able to improve the average amount of fuel consumed, resulting in a decreased value.

Lesser fuel consumption is the major feature of the hybrid car. It takes very low fuel to start and at the same time when it takes lesser fuel, the emission will automatically be less. This lesser emission saves environment from being polluted. The greater the number of hybrid cars in the market, the lesser polluted environment we shall have. Therefore, to save our planet we should buy hybrid cars.

Honda introduced the first Hybrid car in 1999. It was launched with a symbol of environment friendly logo. This attracted many people rapidly, and when they find it is also better on consumption, they will surely realise that it was time for them to switch to hybrid cars from their non-hybrid ones.

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