For many of us, our car is a valued possession that we would like to keep in tip top condition for a lasting time. If you are one of these people, you know well that you need to ensure your vehicle is properly cared for, not just via maintenance but also via a car wash.

With a few simple tips and the correct type of equipment you can give your car the ideal car wash. You can start by hosing down your vehicle to remove the layer of dirt and grime from its body. Now start soaping the roof with good quality car wash soap.

It is recommended not to use the cleaning products from the kitchen, even if you have found them to work well with all your greasy utensils. They can often be abrasive for the surface coating & hence, can steal the shine from your vehicle & make it look old. There is a big range of car cleaning products available in the market, but you must choose only the best ones.

The sponge that you are using must be quite clean and not very used up, otherwise your car will become dirtier when the grime from the sponge gets deposited on it. You should use micro fibre mitts to make sure that you don’t take away the sparkle with your cleaning.

Once you have cleaned the roof, you can now go to the hood, the back and the sides, one after the other and repeat the process. After you have completed soaping your car from tip to toe, use the hose & wash off all the soap from all over your vehicle. However, if you feel the job is done now, well there is still a little more to do.

Letting your car stand in direct sunlight after a hose down will result in water marks to remain on the surface. Hence, you should wipe it with a chamois leather to ensure the perfect gleam & a new look.

The end result of the whole process will be nothing less than an expert car wash and you are certain to be pleased with all your effort and labour.

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