Every vehicle needs it’s finish taken good care of and that refers to every car, the showroom luxury car, the car with high-mileage, the off-road car and the barely driven car.

Regular cleaning and the use of appropriate protecting treatments can help preserve the exterior paint and prevent cracking and damage on the interior as well.

Washing the exterior very thoroughly is important. By properly cleaning your car we mean more than a hosing down of the exterior. Regular washing removes surface grit and things like bird droppings, tree sap and salt, all of which can damage your car’s finish.

Any washing liquid will not do you must use the proper car washing liquids. Dish detergent, often used when washing at home, can strip wax and damage the finish.

Always work from the top down and don’t overlook the road tar that is likely to be caked along the lower panels of your car. Do not start with a rough sponge, use a weaker one first to see how hard you will have to go. Try to avoid using too much pressure as that can damage the finish. Instead of relying on force use the proper liquids to remove certain things.

Once you’ve cleaned the exterior, it’s just as important to clean the inside of your car. Removing trash and sweeping will improve your comfort when traveling in your vehicle. You can purchase UV protection spray from your car detailing shop and spray it on your dashboard and seats to protect them from cracking.

You have to see through your windows so properly clean them with a good window cleaning solution. The amount of grime that builds up over a little time is amazing and if not tended to a dirty window means poor vision and it can quite easily cause an accident. Smokers will notice that the inside of the windows will grow dirtier much quicker.

The next step in protecting your car after you have washed it is to polish it up. They all help preserve the finish and give it a gloss. Do this in the shade every time and test a small area first removing the entire polish before you start a new area. The paint will damage if you let your car dry completely.

You can also brighten your tires with products designed to clean and protect wheels, and sprays that restore the black luster to your tires.

If everything we have just gone through sounds like it will be too much of a burden on you do not fret. There are professional car detailing experts that can do all of these things for you at an affordable price.

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