With gas costs constantly on the rise, car insurance is one area in which we can save some cash. Many of us pay more than we need to just because we don’t take time to seek out the best deals. If you want to find cheap auto insurance quotes, then here our top five tips.

1) Save Money Depending on What You Drive and How Often You Drive

It’s typically more expensive to insure newer vehicles that make use of costly technology. Some anti-theft or safety features like alarms, air bags, and so on may help ameliorate the generally higher costs of insuring new automobiles.

On the flip side, the less you use the car, the less chance you have of getting in an accident and the less your policy will generally cost. Of course this varies depending on why you use the vehicle, and other factors, but be sure to tell your insurance company if you use your car less – it’ll pay off!

2) The Coverage Type

It goes without saying that, in general, the more comprehensive your insurance, the more you’ll need to pay. Be sure to get the kind of insurance you need, but if you really want to save money and get cheap auto insurance quotes then avoiding add-ons can help. You could also opt to pay a higher deductible, but it’s important to find the balance between the savings and being able to actually afford the deductible when it comes down to it.

3) Choose Female-Only Insurance

You might be surprised to know that women can get cheaper car insurance than men. Statistics show they are safer drivers, and there are now a number of insurance companies targeted exclusively at women.

4) Show That You’re A Good Driver

Experience means a lot when it comes to finding cheap auto insurance quotes: showing that you’re less likely to have an accident. If you haven’t made any claims in the last few years make sure to find an insurance company who will reward you for that. If you’re a new driver then take an extra driving course when you’ve passed to reduce your costs significantly.

5) Take Time to Compare Offers

Finding the best insurance quotes doesn’t just happen – it does take time to do the research and compare what’s available. Although it may be time consuming, it could mean huge savings in the long run. The internet and comparison sites make this far easier than it ever used to be: just find a site that includes your state and compare your results.

Getting cheap auto insurance quotes is never guaranteed – there are simply too many factors at play. But, if you do your research and compare as many policies as possible, you’re sure to make significant savings.

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