by Greg Beecher

Summer is still in the air, but if you are gearing up for the some snowmobile tournament, you know you need to have the best snowmobile to leave the competition in the dust and snowflakes. This list of the best sports-cored snowmobiles will give you some information on what are the best models for this year. Read on to find out more.

Created for mountain events, the 2009 Arctic Cat M8 EFI 153 LE sports a great design and flashy exteriors. But underneath its glossy shell, you have a new rear suspension that is eight pounds lighter than the earlier models. Such feature really gives this snow vehicle a boost.

Aside from that, the 2009 Arctic Cat M8 EFI 153 LE also has an adjustable ski stance, running boards and removable side panels that make blitzing through the ice and snow a really great experience. However, this ride is not cheap. You have to prepare to shell out more than $10,000 to get your hands on this one.

Another great snowmobile model for 2009 is the new 2009 Yamaha FX Nytro MTX. Engineered for mountain sports dominance, this machine offers great powerful ride without compromising your comfort. Created for mountain events, this snowmobile simply rocks.

The new 2009 Yamaha FX Nytro MTX flaunts a 4-stroke engine added with three cylinders, and a fuel injections system, all this to give the rider a great mountain performance. Other features are fused with the model as well, like the electric start button and the standard heated hand grips. Aesthetic wise, the design is outstanding.The price is the only issue though. With an $11,000 price tag, its heavy.

Built for mountain supremacy is the 2009 Polaris RMK 800 Dragon. Simply put, this model is simply a topper in the list of 2009’s finest snow mobiles. It features adjustable ski stance and standard heating grips mechanism. That said, there are some flaws in this gem of a snowmobile.

To start with, it utilizes a starter pull rather than the an electric start button. Though it may be the norm, undeniably, an electric start would have made it better. There is also the issue in the engine. While other models feature systems that employ 3-4 cylinders and 4 strokes, the 2009 Polaris RMK 800 Dragon only utilizes a 2 stroke engine with 2 cylinders. Priced around $11,000, this snowmobile is still a great buy.

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