Vehicles are of various types. There are many models of automobiles which offers many facilities. These cars are produced according to the demands of the customers. These are produced innovatively also according to the creator. We will go and explore many things related to a auto when we opt to buy it. Thus it is important to first check out the facilities available in all the autos and then go for the best one which you like and needed. To get this done complete knowledge of the vehicle is required. Thus this article on 1999 jeep grand Cherokee auto information will give the facts related to the auto.

The 1999 design is the largest so far. The length width and height of the automobile was increased. Length was increased to 181 inches and width was increased to 72 inches and the height was increased to 69 inches.

The exterior had great changes in the 1999 version of Cherokee. It had been a large and heavy auto. It was 181 inches long and had a width of about 72 inches. It had been 69 inches in height. All this proved to be a little higher than that in the previous versions of this automobile. But the wheel base was similar to the previous ones. It had been more rounded had got a stream lined look that gave a much better performance and a good appearance.

Though plenty of interior changes were done, the most important change was the shifting with the spare tire from the side part of rear to the bottom with the floor. After this change, the amount of interior space increased significantly. The doors in the back were enlarged and the back side area was also expanded a little bit. The other prominent change that was made is the redesign with the control panel so that it will more convenient and user friendly.

The engine used in this version of the Cherokee was a eight cylinder engine that was supposed to be brand new in market. It absolutely was specially designed for the weight with the Cherokee. It provided less torque compared to the other versions. It had been light and gave a better mileage. It had automatic transmission with both five and six speeds.

The time taken by the engine with 6 cylinder to reach 60 miles per hour was 9 second which was very slow. This version however takes only 7.2 seconds. This was considered to be the fastest pick up from an average SUV.

The turning feet of the auto are 37.6 feet. In this type the tires were kept very wide with the help of rear suspension. To avoid the inertial forces that occur while making a sharp turn is avoided by reducing the weight. It also has a sensory system that gives more power to the more stable wheel of the vehicle.

1999 jeep grand Cherokee vehicle information is readily available.

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