600+ bhp, 4,493.73 cc Ferrari Tipo 375 F1 V-12 engine with twin superchargers and twin four-choke carburettors, Timossi di Azzano three-point racing hydroplane hull. Length: 6,200 mm (245”). Beam: 2,470 mm (97.24″)

• Achille Castoldi’s famed Ferrari V-12 Timossi 800 kg class racing hydroplane
• Reset the world speed record in its class on 15 October 1953, at 241.708 km/h
• Beautifully and painstakingly restored; engine confirmed original by Ferrari S.p.A.
• Accompanied by an extensive historical file, including a copy of the U.I.M. record certificate no. 329 and Nando Dell’Orto’s original racing logbook
• Unique, instantly recognisable, achingly beautiful and immensely historic

1953 Timossi-Ferrari Arno XI Racing Hydroplane - 01

1953 Timossi-Ferrari Arno XI Racing Hydroplane - 02

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