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Chrome Ferrari

Fully polished Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. While not doused in platinum, this over-the-topwonder takes advantage of the 599GTB’s aluminum body and simply classes up the joint, with thousands of hours of polishing and...

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Breckland Beira

The exhibition Motorexpo, held this month in London business district Canary Wharf, a presentation of new British roadster, built on the Kappa platform from GM, which is the basis and even for such vehicles as the Opel GT,...

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Fountain in Rome holds the car

At the heart of Rome scored the original fountain, which allows power to raise the force to drive a car. This impression that the jet of water into the sky raises a brand new trehdverny Hatchback Seat Ibiza…In fact – is...

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Rocket car

Uh, this is tuning! This is a wonderful car, made by resembling a missile. For his tuning the details of these have been used by jet engine and rear it is a big propeller, which when riding steep and illuminated.

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