SmartSub four.2 Submersible for Two Persons


The SmartSub four.2 , is a two persons submersible that complies with the rules of the Class Societies. The design combines the characteristics of a standard submersible with those of an electric powered boat. The SmartSUB four.2 is an epoxy composite submersible which is electronically limited to dive 650 feet deep.
The submersible comes with two separate power systems:
• A 48VDC main system which powers the thrusters and maintains the workings of all other necessary functions.
• A separate emergency back-up system.

The life support function within the craft works on the principle of a rebreather system with a carbon dioxide absorption filter and oxygen supply. The two stage climate control provides cooling, heating as well as humidity within the HPV.

SmartSub four

SmartSub four


via: weber yacht design

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