Green Samba Personal All-Electric Watercraft


The Samba XRS is a carbon fiber, ultra maneuverable, zero emission PWC, which according to Silveira Group is also the fastest personal watercrafts, commercially available. Similar to a sport bike, the Green Samba’s semi-prone layout is designed to feel like an extension of the driver’s body. The Green Samba uses twin direct drive electric propulsion pods, which are fueled by onboard batteries. With a 65mph straight line performance and 260bhp, the Green Samba uses twin direct drive electric propulsion pods, keeping the hydrocarbons, CO2 and NO2 at bay.




via: greenlaunches

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Author: cars-show

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1 Comment

  1. Samba XRS is quite a fantastic looking watercraft. I think it has both the elegance and style that todays craft don’t have, but the most awesome thing is that it is totally an electric powered. Thanks for sharing.

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