Mission R Electric Race Bike


Mission Motors revealed its “Mission R” electric-powered racing motorcycle at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show. Mission Motors’ latest electric superbike has 141hp and 14.4 kWh of energy.The liquid-cooled AC Induction motor produces 115 ft. lbs. of torque the moment the rider cracks the throttle, rocketing the bike from a standstill to over 160 mph in one gear. Power is managed by the MissionEVT 100kW motor controller, with customizable regenerative braking maps, throttle maps and more. All vehicle and ride data is accessible via WiFi or 3G connections. Top speed is 160+ mph which it can reach in its one and only gear. Aerodynamics and exterior styling are by Tim Prentice of Motonium Design, Inc., and emphasize low frontal area.







via: Mission Motors

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Author: cars-show

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