Audi R8 X Tron


West Coast Customs pimped out an Audi R8, giving it a Tron-themed makeover to promote Monster’s line of Tron audio gear. Headphone manufacturers are showing off a trendy Audi R8 Tron themed chrome, modified by West Coast Customs, which was involved in the show “Pimp My Ride”. Those clever West Coast Customs lads have certainly done a good job adhering to the source material, even if this car is so shiny it’s not likely to be road legal — imagine catching an eyeful of your own headlights reflected in this beast…

Audi R8 X Tron - 01

Audi R8 X Tron - 02

Audi R8 X Tron - 03

Audi R8 X Tron - 04

Audi R8 X Tron - 05

Audi R8 X Tron - 06

via: customandmodifiedcars

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Author: cars-show

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  1. I can’t get enough from this photos, from this car. I’m really amazed by it. The design, the lines, the uniqueness, all together… Best ratings all the way!

  2. The car looks very lustrous; I’m seeing this for the first time and wonder what type of material have you used to make it so shiny. And, by the way, when is the new e-Tron coming out?

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